Areon ken Air Freshner

Areon Car Air Freshner

Areon Car Air Home Office Gel Based Perfume Freshener Available in (Orange, Dream, Passion, Apple, Wish, Disire).

  • Gel air freshener with fresh energizing fragrances
  • Helps to get rid of musty mildew and other undesirable odor.
  • High quality fragrance with natural scents made of extract citrus oil.
  • Experience nature like fragrance from areon gel perfumes.
  • Suitable for use in car, at home or in office.
  • Sit in cup holder or mount where desire.
  • Net Weight 80gm
  • Lasts up to 5-8 weeks.
  • Non refillable/disposable.

Product Description:

Available Areon Ken Car air fresheners 12 Flavours (Anti ,Strawberry,Lilac,Vanilla,New Car,Apple Cinnamon,Bubble Gum,Black Crystal,Black Currant,Lemon,Caramel Nuts,Cherry.)
Areon Ken Car air fresheners offer you the ultimate combination of style versatility and value. A nice addition to the interior of every modern car. The highest grade perfuming agent packed in an aromatic master piece Eradicates foul odors makes the environment a better place to live and work in.